Gynecologist Louisville: When You Are the New Kid in Town

Gynecologist Louisville: When You Are the New Kid in Town

gynecologist louisvilleIf you are a woman and new in town you may be wondering where to find the best gynecologist Louisville has to offer can be found. It is no fun being the new kid in town, but finding a good doctor doesn’t have to be a difficult pursuit. All you really need to do is consider which doctor would suit your personal needs the best.


Perhaps the most important consideration for a woman looking for a gynecologist is the gender of the doctor. This will depend entirely upon your personal comfort level. For many women only a female gynecologist will do, as they feel more comfortable during specific tests. Other times women prefer a male and still a few have no particular preference. It all boils down to which gender you would feel more comfortable discussing personal and often times intimate details.

Gynecologist Louisville and Insurance

Another big factor in choosing your gynecologist is insurance. It is a good idea to take a second look at your insurance coverage, particularly if you have just moved to another new area. What are the yearly limitations on out of pocket expenses? This could be important when you begin shopping around for a Louisville gynecologist. You may be surprised to find that gynecologists are a bit like any other specialty, and all pricing is not the same.


Do you have plans for children? If you are thinking about children in the future, you will want a gynecologist who is also an obstetrician. Not all gynecologists are practicing obstetricians, so you see how this could be a problem down the road. You do not want to spend years developing a relationship with your doctor only to have to choose another for your pregnancy and delivery.

References for Gynecologists Louisville

There are several ways to check out a particular physician, one of the best of course would be word of mouth. This becomes a problem when you are new in town, whom exactly can you ask especially about something so personal. If you have yet to meet, the neighbors or make friends there are a couple of other ways to determine which Louisville gynecologist is right for you. Several websites and the Better Business Bureau can all give you valuable feedback on which doctor has the best credentials or whether they have complaints against them.

Special Considerations

Do you have a particular gynecological issue? It may be a rare occurrence, but there are instances when you need a physician well versed in specific issues. Another thing to think about is whether you have a preference for a particular hospital in the area. If so you will need to make sure, your gynecologist has full privileges. This goes back to specific illnesses or issues that may require surgery in your immediate future.

Location of Gynecologist Louisville

While convenience is not the biggest factor in choosing a gynecologist, if all else is equal, the doctor who is closest to your home or work could be the best choice. Home and office are not the only locational factors, think about where you spend a good deal of your time. Do you visit the gym quite frequently or perhaps the local library for work related research? Take all of your important locations into consideration while you choose between available doctors.

Personal Comfort

This one will take you a little more time than the rest. Everyone has had at least one experience with a doctor or other professional who gets all top marks in experience and education, but when you finally spend some time together, you just do not click. When you are talking about doctors, you might know this better as their bedside manner. Again, if all other things are equal you want to go with the physician you are most comfortable and you will only be able to determine this after a few visits.

Professional Referrals

If you have exhausted all other avenues and are still having trouble finding a gynecologist you can turn to other professionals in your life, namely a primary care or general practitioner as well as your local pharmacists. In some areas, you can find a comprehensive list of local gynecologists from the local hospital. Most of the time-compiled lists will not necessarily give you references or recommendations, but they can give you another source of information.


When you move to a new area, there is plenty of work to do. Finding a new home, setting up your utilities and finding the best gynecologist Louisville has to offer will be at the top of your list. It may take some time and seem a bit stressful, but if you take it one-step at a time, you will soon find a wonderful gynecologist.